Constant Water Pressure

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Flex-LiteTM Constant Pressure Tank

Innovation in well pressure technology from Flex-Lite


How It Works

Unlike other composite tanks that hide tired old bag technology in a plastic shell, the Flex-Lite FL composite tank uses the latest evolution of the field proven controlled action diaphragm design that Flexcon introduced in Well-Rite steel tanks in 1988.

The Flex-Lite FL series’ improved CAD-2 diaphragm design is stronger and won’t crease and wear out like bag designs. It features a chlorine resistant 100% butyl diaphragm with a precision molded copolymer polypropylene lower water chamber for superior air and water separation.

This patented design allows each size tank to have a properly sized water chamber, matched to the drawdown performance of that tank. When it comes to performance and durability, the CAD-2 system cannot be beat.

Just a few reasons why this is the most advanced constant pressure tank that Flex-LiteTM has produced.

  • Precision injection molded domes for uniform wall thickness and consistent engineered dome profiles.
  • Reinforced with durable, continuous strand fiberglass and sealed from the environment with weather resistant epoxy resin suitable for underground
  • High tech spin welding process permanently fuses precision injection molded domes to the extruded cylinder.
  • Flexcon’s patented CAD-2 controlled action diaphragm design enables the tank’s water chamber to be sized for the optimum drawdown capacity of each tank.
  • Rugged base engineered to withstand maximum loads and extreme environmental conditions.
  • Tough, injection molded, rigid PVC connection for easy installation and lifetime performance.

Download the Flex-Lite Brochure (.pdf)
Care and Upkeep Information for Pressure Tanks